Our Services

Our value-added services distinguish us from other plastics manufacturers.
We provide a full service product including container decoration. Let us ship
you a product that's ready for the production line. Why invest in expensive
labelling equipment? Let us worry about the labelling...so you don't have to.
Send us your reshipper boxes we'll even pack your HDPE containers before shipping!

  • silk screening (1 colour) on 3 gallon & 5 gallon bottles
  • hot stamp printing (multi colour) on 3 gallon & 5 gallon bottles
  • pressure sensitive label application to PC containers
  • sleeve application to 10 litre & 11 litre HDPE containers
  • custom molding (blow mold & injection mold)
  • assistance in the development of your private mold
For more information, contact us at (905) 799-6006 or sales@canamplastics.com

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